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Rajgurunagar,Tal-Khed, Dist-Pune, 410505
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Department of Geography


The Faculty of Arts was started in 1983-84 in Hutatma Rajguru Mahavidyalaya, whereas the Department of Geography was established in June, 1986. Since then, till date, the demand for admission in the department is increasing. The department staff is continuously striving for an all-round improvement in the students performance by conducting various departmental activities.

Learning Resources of The Department

The geography laboratory is well-equipped with all necessary instruments like

  • Surveying instruments including plane table sets, prismatic compass sets, dumpy level, ebony level, etc.
  • Weather instruments including thermometers, cup anemometer, wind vanes, rain gauge, Stevenson’s screen, etc.
  • Drawing instruments including tracing tables.
  • We have an adequate collection of maps & charts like charts showing weathering processes, signs and symbols used in topographical maps, signs and symbols used in Indian Daily Weather Report, cultural activities, etc.
  • Maps for various areas include world, continents, countries, states etc. Three Dimensional maps for better understanding of relief are, World map, map of India and Maharashtra
  • Projectors - Overhead projectors, Slide Projectors, G.P.S. machines, Telescope, L.C.D.Projector, computers

Modern Teaching Method

Various activities are taken up by the department so as to unfold and activate the students potential and to equip them with skills required for their development (personality development). Certain extra curricular activities organized by the department also help in stimulating their creative ability and preparing them to live confidently in a rapid changing world. The department conducts various activities such as those mentioned below to improve the results

  • Test Series
  • Map Reading
  • Assignments
  • Seminars
  • Slide Shows
  • Guest Lectures
  • Extra Coaching
  • Demonstrations
  • Use of Internet

Participation of teachers in academic and personal counseling of students

Apart from this, to inculcate research attitude in the students, we encourage them to work on projects e.g. noise pollution at Rajgurunagar, distribution of poultry industry in Khed Taluka, mushroom cultivation, problems & prospectus, green house, a key to modern agriculture, household survey: Pabhe,

We find this activity very effective to bring about social awareness amongst the students and to provide exposure to them regarding the economic status in surrounding areas to understand problems of rural development in general and agricultural problems in particular. Projects assigned this year are: household surveys of some villages, dairy farming in Khed Taluka, reshim udyog, etc.

As per the syllabus of the University Of Pune, the department organizes field tours to different places in India. This helps the students understand various processes of land formation, distribution of different land forms,variation in climatic conditions, distribution of natural resources viz. soils, natural vegetation, water resources, minerals, power resources, etc., variations in social aspects like culture i.e. way of living, household types, farming types, occupation, industrial development, settlements, etc. problems in the development of an area.

Facilities for the students

The Department of Geography provides maximum necessary facilities to the students. The hall (laboratory) is free for use to the students to carry out the assigned work as well as for group discussions regarding current issues and related topics to improve their general knowledge. To maintain uniformity in the practical work, the department provides neat bound journals to the students at nominal costs. To maintain the journals and drawing materials properly, the department provides lockers to the students.

Books & Journals

There are approximately one thousand and sixty six books related to Geography, which covers 500 reference books and 566 text books. Periodical subscriptions at present are:

  • Journal of Rural Development
  • Transaction, Institute Of Indian Geographers. Willingness to subscribe for the periodicals and communication with the editors is in progress for the following:
  • Annals of the National Association Of Geographers.
  • Geographical Journal.

Placement record of students

Ex-students of the department are engaged in various activities. A majority of the ex-students are active in the education field working as teachers in primary and secondary schools, followed by the number of ex-students working in junior & senior colleges after completing their post-graduation and/or B.Ed. from various post-graduation centres or colleges.

Some of the ex-students work in the administrative field of the government after qualifying for competitive examinations like M.P.S.C, etc. Mr. Borkar is working as a Tahasildar.

A few ex-students are working in the industrial sector. Mr. Tope, who participated in the project titled “Distribution of Poultry industry in Khed Taluka” is working with the Venkateshwara Hatcheries Group (one of the leading poultry industries in India). Many of the ex-students are engaged in the political & social sector with their agricultural activities.

Qualified for SET/NET

  • Kudekar - Dec 2003
  • D. D. Muluk - Dec 2003
  • M. L. Muluk - Oct 2010
  • Anita Muluk - Oct 2010
  • Dr. Pravin Arude - M.A.B.Ed. (Doing P.H.D.)
  • Archana Gaikwad - M.A.B.Ed.M.Phil. (Doing P.H.D.)
  • Suresh Vanghare - 2013
  • Ramesh Gopale - 2014

Ongoing Project

Mr. S. J. Deore completed a minor research project entitled ‘Evaluation of soil erodibility & associated land use/ landcover in Bhama Watershed using digital technology’ in two years. The University Grants Commission has funded the required amount of Rs.45,000/-. Mr. D. D. Muluk completed a minor research project "A Study of Socio-Economic Status of Tribes in Khed Tahsil Using Geoinformatics" in two years. The Pune University BCUD funded the project. Mr. D. M. Markad doing minor research project "Geographical Analysis of SEZ in Khed Tehsil"

Future Plans

  • Methods of teaching and tools to be used
  • O. H. P. & Slide projectors are in use; LCD projector is to be used for PowerPoint Presentation.
  • Group Discussion / Seminars
  • Presentations, counselling, visits, guest lectures, study groups
  • Audio visual aids by developing computer facility with internet and multimedia

Research work

  • Plan to undertake minor research projects
  • To complete the Doctorate (Ph. D.) degree by the existing staff members
  • Plan to work collaboratively with NGOs like Vigyan Ashram, Pabal and Government Organizations like National Onion and Garlic Research Center, Agriculture Department, etc.
  • Participation in training programmes organized by various Government Research Institutes (DST, DOS, NNRMS, CWPRS, IITM, IMD, IIG, CPCB)

The Department also proposes to explore the possibility of starting a course on Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) and will try to generate funds in this direction.

Salient Features

  • Geography was established in June, 1986.
  • The geography laboratory is well-equipped with all necessary instruments
  • Certain extra curricular activities organized by the department
  • The department teachers participate in creating and forming the structure of the syllabus.